Sharah’Ih (Strips of Meat wrapped around Lamb)

I finished making another original redaction (The Ansteorran Dragon).  This is the recipe I used for the main body.  OMG…so damn good.  Meat with meat and meat scales.  If you like your meat this is the dish for you!

Sharah’Ih (Strips of Meat wrapped around Lamb)

Finalized Dragon pics 016Translation:

Pound lean meat. Add pepper, mastic, Chinese cinnamon, caraway, salt and oil to it and make it into cakes. Wrap them in the wrapping of the fine fat which is on the stomach. Then put them on a skewer and grill them on low fire and eat them. (Rodinson, pp. 375).


4 lbs. ground beef

4 Tbs. ground pepper

1 tsp. ground mastic

4 Tbs. caraway seeds

4 Tbs. salt

1/4 C. oil (olive, walnut or sesame)

1 lb. beef brisket bacon



2 lbs. lamb ribs

2 Tbs. limous lamb rub.

Long wooden skewers



I took a couple of liberties with the finalized version.  I took my favorite spice (Rogan Josh) and added it to the ground meat.

Finalized Dragon pics 001Take 4lb’s of meat with spices and mix together.

Finalized Dragon pics 002Take the lamb ribs and rub with the limous lamb rub.

Finalized Dragon pics 005Here you see the ribs as connected.  If you aren’t worried about making actual “dragon spines” you can totally do it this way.  If you are going to make spaced out dragon spines you will need to cut through the ribs to have individual “spines”.

Next I made a hollow in the ground meat.

Finalized Dragon pics 007Then I added the lamb ribs also known as the “dragon spines”.

Finalized Dragon pics 008Packing the ground meat around each spine.

I had to take a bit of liberty since caul fat (fat found around organ meats) is unavailable at the regular stores, much like unicorn meat. You have to know someone who knows someone at a farm for organ meat fat. Remember the smoked beef brisket bacon a little bit ago?  Well here is THE recipe to use it on!

Slice the beef brisket bacon into to triangular pieces with fat or long strips.

Finalized Dragon pics 011Next place the beef brisket bacon (skewered with wooden tooth picks) along the top and sides of the ground beef.

Finalized Dragon pics 012Cook for 35 minutes at 350.

The final dish is a carnivores mouthwatering dream.

Finalized Dragon pics 016


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