Savory Toasted Cheese (aka Cheese Goo)

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Some recipes translate to the modern palate easier then others.  This recipe is one of the best I have ever tasted and made that I willingly take to parties or serve to my more culinary challenged friends.  You can not go wrong with this dipping sauce ever!

Savory Toasted Cheese

(aka Cheese Goo)


Cut pieces of quick fat, rich, well tasted cheese, (as the best of Brye, Cheshire, & or Sharp thick Cream-Cheese) into a dish of thick beaten belted butter, that hath served forth sparages or the like, or pease, or other boiled sallet, or ragout of meat, or gravy of Mutton: and if you will, Chop some of the Asperages among it, or slices of Gambon of Bacon, or fresh-callops, or onions, or Sibboulets, or Anchovis, and set all this to melt upon a Chafing-dish of Coals, and stir all well together, to Incorporate them; and were all is of an equal consistence, strew some gross White-Pepper on it, and it it with toasts or crusts of white-bread.  You may scorch it at the top with a hot Fire-Shovel.

Cariadoc’s Miscellany



1 wedge of Brie

1 stick of butter

1 bock of cream cheese (or farmer’s cheese)

¼ tsp of white pepper (or to taste)


Optional items:







Gather all of your ingredients into one spot.

Peel the rind from the Brie but do NOT discard.

Place butter into a metal pot and start to melt.

Add in the cream cheese and stir.

When the butter and cream cheese have started to incorporate

add in the brie and brie crust.

Keep stirring! Do not let the cheeses and butter burn.  If you wish add pepper.

At first the sauce looks totally weird and very unappealing.  It gets better!

With in moments of continual stirring the cheese goo turns into a smooth creamy tasty sauce!  You just have to push through the gooey ooey stage first.

For the optional items, the original recipe calls for  incorporating any of these tasty treats that catch your eye,  into the mixture then serving on toast.  My choice would be to fry up bacon then add into the recipe as well as peas and asparagus, though I did not do so for this display.  However that’s just me.  Mix and match as your taste buds desire.

I did use home made rye bread and sliced onions as a mode of transportation from plate to palate.  This is sooooo good!  This is a period dish that translates into a wonderful modern side dish for dipping.