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Since I’ve been on a Roman kick for a bit and have a few more recipes to post, I’m going to do a little some thing different today.  Most of the recipes I post are about food.  Today’s is a Roman type of wine.  Now Romans liked their wine the way Westerners like their beers so to say they brewed or made their wines a little unusually is an understatement.  Luckily this is a 3 minute Roman treat.  Nothing to intricate!  Like most things Roman, anything goes including what they did to their wines.

White Wine with Honey


Pliney and Columella disagreed on what types of wine should be mixed with honey.  Columella preferred adding honey during the process while Pliny thought only dry wine should mixed with honey as ‘sweet wine does not mix well with honey’ (Plin. N.H. XXII-24-53) (Giacosa/Faas, pp. 117-120)


Bottle dry white wine

½ C honey


This recipe was fairly straight forward.

I took a bottle of white wine

and removed ½ C then replaced the missing wine with honey.

A cork was placed in the bottle and then the bottle was turned up side down a few times to help the honey mix into the wine.

I tried making this with red wine; however the honey taste was lost in the full flavor of the red wine (merlot) used.  It just wasn’t as good.  Now a sweet red might work better but I’m fairly happy with the white.

This taste rather like a modern day mead, with a slight chemical taste, from the modern wine and very nice sweet honey taste.

This is good.  I really like the flavoring, Mind you I prefer a real mead but in a pinch, white wine with honey is very good!