Patina de Persicis (Peaches in Oil with Cumin Sauce)

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While this is not the season for peaches, I thought I’d start the year off with some thing sweet from this summer.  I look forward to doing this recipe again and again with next years sweet bounty!

Patina de Persicis

Peaches in Oil with Cumin Sauce


…peel some firm peaches, cut into pieces and cook.  Place in a patina pan and drizzle with oil.  Serve with cumin sauce.

For the cumin sauce:

Another cumin sauce: pepper, lovage, dried mint, a large amount of cumin, honey, vinegar, liquamen.

(Faas, pp. 242)


5 peaches

4 TBS olive oil


1 tsp pepper     1 Tbs mint        2 Tbs cumin

½ C honey       1 tsp vinegar     ½ tsp fish sauce.


For the peaches,

I skinned them,

cut them in half

and de-stoned them.

I placed them in a dutch oven with good olive oil

and cooked just till soft.

Gather all the ingredients together for the sauce.

While the peaches were baking, I set the sauce ingredients into a pot and mixed.

The pot was allowed to simmer till the sauce was reduced by half.

A peach was soaked in sauce and consumed.

It tasted like a spicy peach cobbler!  Very yummy.