Mufarraka (Chicken Livers)

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Occasionally I have a craving for chicken livers.  I like mine fried in a little bit of olive oil till crunchy on the outside yet still juicy on the inside.  Some times I’ll want to save the livers from a chicken for one of those days I’m craving that little bit of crunchy tasty iron treats.  Unfortunately saving livers can some times be to much of a good thing when I find I have 12 of them tucked away in the freezer.  So what do you do when you have a few extra chicken livers and gizzards?  Why you spice them up of course!


Chicken Livers


Take chicken livers and gizzards, wash them, boil them in water with a little salt, then take them out and chop them small.  Then mix them with the whites of eggs, put the necessary amount of the described spices on them, and fry them in a pan with sesame oil, stirring continuously.  If you want it made sour, leave some filtered lemon juice on it.  If you want it plain do not leave lemon juice or eggs on it.

Perry, pp. 79


1 lb chicken livers and gizzards

½ tsp coriander, cumin, ground pepper, thyme, turmeric, dill

3 egg whites

My Redaction:

I took chicken livers and gizzards saved from the chickens used in other recipes (or just dinner)

livers w spices

and boiled them till cooked.

cooking livers

I cheated just a touch.  Some of the livers are actually turkey livers I had on hand as well.  (Shhhhh!)

Once cooked and cooled, the livers and gizzards were chopped up smallish, roughly the size of the pinky tip.

cooked liver with spices

The mixture was then combined with the spices and eggs, the fried in sesame oil.

liver spices frying

I tried lemon juice on part of these and part was left plain.

liver in bowl w bread

Both ways taste excellently either as a main dish or scooped up and used as a condiment on good bread!