Mujabbana (Sweet Cheese Pockets)

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Well I am a little late in getting a new update posted.  Since I have been slightly remiss in getting a new recipe out to you, my adoring fans! I am posting this incredibly sweet delectable treat.  Just for you!

Fried Mujabbana in the Toledo Style

(Sweet Cheese Pockets)


A dough is prepared using extra-fine flour and water, salt and oil as indicated in the recipe for oven-baked mujabbana.  An amount of fresh cheese equal to three quarters of the amount of flour is grated.  Is mixed with aniseed and mint juice and fresh coriander (cilantro), as already indicated.  The dough is rolled out with a rolling pin to make (small) round leaves.  Place the necessary quantity of grated cheese in the middle of each piece of dough, and pull back the edges toward the center pressing downward lightly.  The little packets one obtains in this way are placed in a copper or ceramic pan and cooked in the oven that is used for cooking biscuits and such things.

When the little packets begin to brown, they are taken out of the oven and arranged on a ceramic or wooden serving dish, one on top of the other.  They are then covered with honey and fresh melted butter.  After they are sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, they can be eaten, God willing.

Zaouali, pp. 107



1 C flour                      2 Tbs olive oil                  1 Tbs water


¾ C goat cheese (feta)                ½ tsp aniseed                  ½ tsp coriander            ½ tsp mints

3 Tbs melted butter                      1/3 C Honey

Cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling on.

My Redaction:

When I first did this recipe I thought the cheese pockets were a savory treat, then I realized that the final preparation was for a sweet and savory with the honey, butter, sugar and cinnamon finish.  Wow!  These are awesome!

Mix the dough together, then roll out on a well floured surface.

flat dough

I made small rounds using a biscuit cutting tin.  From one cup of the dough mixture I was able to make 7 rounds.

cicles and mixed cheese

Mix the cheese with the aniseed, coriander and mint.

chese with spices

The recipe calls for mint juice.  The only mint liquid available was a syrup.  The cheese mixture does not call for any sugar so I decided a syrup was not the way to go, instead I substituted dried mint.  I did not have fresh coriander on hand as it was the wrong time of the year, so dried coriander was used instead.  The cheese was Feta though any good goat cheese would do well.  The cheese and the spices were mixed in a bowl and set to one side.

After the cheese mixture was complete, I took a dough round and put part of the mixture into the middle then folded the dough over and sealed the edges by pressing firmly down.

cheese dumpling being made

Once all the dough rounds were filled, they were moved to an oiled cookie sheet and set into the oven at 350 till brown (roughly 10 minutes).

Uncooked cheese dumplings.cookie sheet with cheese dumpling

Cooked cheese dumplings.

cooked cheese dumpling

If you’ll notice one is now missing.  Had to do a taste test on the yummy savory goodness.  It was really tasty!

I then pulled the cheese packets out of the oven and placed on a plate.  I did not stack them one on top of the other but placed them side by side for better sweet coverage.

cheese dumplings with sweets

I poured the melted butter over them,

dumpling with butter

then the honey

dumplings with honey

and finally sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

dumplings with all spices on top

These are just incredible fresh from the oven with warm melty butter and honey.  Perfect for a dessert or a side nibble with coffee.  They did not last long at all.  Even after a filling dinner, there is always room for a sweet and savory cheese dumpling!