Qarmush (Buttered Triangles

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(Buttered Triangles)


Take a pound of flour and knead it with water and milk.  You break two eggs in it, their yolks and whites, and knead it well.  Spread finely milled starch under it and roll it out with the rolling pin.  Splatter with clarified butter, fold it over two or three times and cut it into triangles and put them (aside).  Put the frying pan on the fire and fry them – le the fire be quiet – until done and not browned.  Throw them in honey and sprinkle them with sugar.

Rodinson, pp. 431


3 C. Flour                    2 eggs              1 stick of butter (salted)

½ cup of milk and ½ cup of water         Sesame oil


Mix the ingredients together,

buttered triangles

forming a stiff dough.

triangle dough

Roll out on a well floured board

rolled out dough

until very thin, roughly 1/8 inch if possible.

Brush the dough with butter.

buttered dough

The original said to splatter, which you can.  I just wanted a more even coating so I had a small cooking brush on hand and proceeded to smear butter over rolled out dough!

Once the dough is well buttered,  fold it over like so.

foulded dough

Brush once more and fold once again.

double folded dough

Cut the folded dough into triangles.

closer triangles

This batch of Qurmush is waaaay to thick.  The layers need to be about half this size.  The thicker the layers the harder to cook with out browning.

Take a frying pan, liberally coated in sesame oil, and place 2-3 triangles into the pan.  Turn the burner on low.

triangles in oil

Pay close attention to the cooking, as a golden color is acceptable but not a brown.

cooked triangles

The thinner the dough the quicker the cook time (and easier to burn).

Once the triangles have been cooked through, pour honey on top of and sprinkle with sugar.

tiangles with honey and sugarThese were tasty even though a bit thick and chewy.  If they were thinner they would be crispy and sweet.  Eat them fast before then honey makes them chewy or if you like chewy desserts let them stand for a little bit with the honey and sugar topping!