“Peacock ” French Style

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So the two major A&S display events will be done by this weekend, so it’s time to post some of the recipes worked on.  The next 3 recipes will be devoted to “Peacock” and how to cook them.  Well “Faux” peacock as I really couldn’t afford to cook a real peacock.  I’ll post that paper which explains why.

Original Translation:

Peacock/Swan “Kill it like goose, leave the head and tail, lard or bard it, roast it golden, and it with fine salt.  It lasts at least a month after it is cooked.  If it becomes mouldy on top, remove the mould and you will find it white, good and solid underneath.” (Taillevent, pp. 23)


1 Duck

1 lb bacon slices



This was the simplest of the three dishes.  The duck was stripped of its skin and salted, then wrapped in bacon.


Once the bird had been redressed in a pork covering, it was roasted for an hour or more, until done.

And that’s it.

This style of faux “peacock” does not match the taste of the other two dishes.  A skin covering would definitely needed to dress this bird up.  The taste is excellent and easier to cook though I would say the taste is not quite up to par with the other two dishes.