Curye on Inglysch

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This book is as period as you can get with out actually going back a few centuries or so.  Yet it is one of my least favorite books.  Now this isn’t because the recipes are period…it’s because I have issues with reading regular English that Ye Ole Inglysch plays havoc with my brain.

The book I had hoped to purchase instead was Two Fifteenth-Century Cookery-Books: however being out of print, Curye on Inglysch was the one I had to settle on.  The book Two Fifteenth-Century, or books bound into one, actually were based or/and have basis from Curye on Inglysch.  Making CoI the protozoa of English medieval cookbooks.

This book requires knowing and understanding old English to get any sort of comprehension of what and how to do one dish.  This book is very good as a reference and to start biting into original period recipes…but don’t try this one with out a few other recipes/books under your belt first.  This is NOT a beginners book.  Period wise  this book is awesome…cooking wise, I’m going to have to say D-.