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I don’t do a lot of period Italian cooking.  That will change soon!  I adore this book.  The Opera of Barolomeo Scappi (1570) Translated by T. Scully, is the compilation of recipes by Bartolomeo Scappie (the cook to the popes).


The translations are awesome.  The breadth of recipes is incredible!  From breem to turkey to peacock.  Each main ingredient is treated with respect and clear directions on how to cook and serve.  This is THE Italian period cookbook to get if you have to get just one.  This book is an A+ all the way through.


I’m on a kick to get a posting of my cooking books into some semblance of order.  We have gone from English to fuax Middle Eastern.  I had planned to do all the Middle Eastern books that are the core for my redactions however today’s post will be a bit short as I have a few books that I think are worth mentioning first.

Le Viandier de Taillevent. This book is based on the Vatican Library Manuscript .  The recipes are translated from the originals (a good thing if you don’t read old Italian).  There are no offered measurements so lots of redaction is necessary.  An excellent resource!

Recipes from Banquet dels Quartre Barres.  (I have the 2nd edition copy).   This booklet, per the forward, is based from the Valencia manuscript, and the Barcelona manuscript.    This are a 15th century cookbooks.  The recipes are written with the original old Spanish and an English translation.  The author has done a bit of redaction himself and gives suggested measurements.  This book is definitly worth owning!

Painter & Food Renaissance Recipes (Italian)- Does not have any original recipes, what it does have are little tidbits of how period cooking occurred and some fairly interesting period paintings.   Good for a general look.