Pork Liver #1

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Nope, still haven’t finished the pig kicking.  I have one, maybe 4 more recipes to share.  Another awesome one from Scappi.  Definitely not for anyone who doesn’t like liver and isn’t slightly adventurous!

Pig Liver #1

Pork pictures 160818 063


If you want to spit-roast a pork liver in a large pieces, when the membrane that is around it is removed, along with the gall bladder.  Stick the pieces with lardoons of pork fat that have been dredged in pepper, cloves, cinnamon and sweet fennel, dry and ground.  Put them onto a spit and cook them over a low fire. (Scappi, pp. 188)


Pork liver

Strips of pork fat (or uncooked thick cut bacon)

1 tsp each ground pepper, cloves, cinnamon and sweet fennel (seeds)



So here I had to slightly improvise.  I didn’t have enough sliced pork fat to make a nice tight the way I wanted the first time I did this recipe.  I really like to get a nice tight crisscross of bacon going.  So I went with the flow.

Pork pictures 160818 046All the spices first with the sliced bacon in the bacon ground.

The liver chunk was laid out while the bacon/pork fat (either will do nicely but make sure that the bacon is thick cut NOT thin) is dragged in the spice mixture.

Pork pictures 160818 048I usually like to do a nice basket weave on my bacon wrapped anything, but was low on bacon (my bad).  I pinned the strips down trying to go for maximum coverage.

Pork pictures 160818 049

NO, I didn’t have a spit….why do you ask?  Yes, yes it is period and mentioned in the book…so is polio and piss in the water.  MOST people don’t have spits.  They’re a bitch to install in modern day houses.  The liver was then laid on the grill (wood charcoal for the fire), until the liver was cooked all the way through.

Pork pictures 160818 063

There were scraps left after the first bite and nothing let to photograph!!  It’s not the usual way you try liver, but it is period.  Again, sometimes you gotta eat the different to say you ate period!

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