Sow’s Belly

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Sow’s Belly

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A sow’s belly is put into a press for six hours with pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ground fennel seed and salt, then wrapped around in a sugared caul and mounted on a spit.  Cook it slowly.  It is optional whether you cut it up into pieces.  If you want to parboil it first, before putting it in the press, that can be done. (Scappie, pp. 185)


1 skinned pork (sow) belly

1 tsp. ea. Ground pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, fennel seed

1 tsp. salt

Caul fat or bacon or lard




So I didn’t have a good option for sow’s belly at the Chinese market.

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I had to go with a pork shoulder with a good layer of fat.  I removed the skin and evened the meat out so that when laid flat the meat would roll up.

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Next I sprinkled all the spices (including the salt) onto the meat.

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The meat was then rolled and pinned for 6 hours.


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 I didn’t have caul fat or bacon so used the lard of the shoulder (about an inch thick).  This is then roasted for two hours at 350.

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I like this but I’m not sure I’d make it for an everyday meal.  Don’t get me wrong it’s good…but it’s a bit of work!

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This comes out succulent and flavorful…it’s a show piece rolled or sliced.  Try it at least once!

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