To Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs in Butter or Oil

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As spring has rolled around, the chickens have started to lay.  Not really a surprise, I just have more eggs on hand than I know what to normally do with them!  So off to the books for a bit of eggy indulgences.  This one is, obviously, new to me.  I’ve had hard fried eggs but never fried hard boiled eggs with sugar.  So I gave it a try!

To Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs in Butter or Oil


Book III. 272. Cooks eggs in their shells in water such that they are not to hard.  Then take them out of the hot water and put them into cold water, shell them and immediately flour them.  Fry them in melted butter or oil.  When they are done, serve them garnished with sugar and orange juice, or else cover them with garlic sauce or some other sauce.  (Scappie, pp. 376)



Hard boiled eggs



Sugar/orange juice or garlic sauce



Pretty simple recipe.  Boil as many eggs as you think you will need.

Try for soft boiled if possible.  I think this is for a more melt in the mouth textural than a firm feel.  (My opinion only though).

Shell the eggs,

then roll them in flour.

Here I used white.  If you want try it in wheat flour or smelt flour and see which texture/taste you prefer!


Next fry them in oil or butter.

I used olive oil as I have LOTS on hand.

I put sugar on the side as a “dipping” sauce.

Pretty damn tasty if I do say.

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