Which speaks of making saucer of Mushrooms

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I had gone to Pennsic last year and picked up a small booklet of recipes.  Spanish.  “A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine”  As a side note: The full book has the only recipe for cooked cat.  Not that I would ever eat a cat; however the idea someone was hungry enough to actually make a recipe of said animal speaks a lot of the times.

Bake to tastier cooking though.  Mushrooms!  This is a sauce, though the taste of this dish could be a stand alone side.

Which speaks of making saucer of Mushrooms

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If you want to make sauce of mushrooms, parboil them well, and when they are parboiled take them and sauté them with oil.  And then make the sauce this way: have onions and parsley and cilantro, and mince them and distemper them with spices and with vinegar and a little fat.  And then make pieces of mushrooms; and when they are sautéed put them in this sauce.  Or give them cooked  on the coals with salt and oil.


Translation copyright Eden Rain (Sent Sovi. Catalan transcription copyright Rudolph Grewe) From: A brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine. Pg. 20.



2 C Mushrooms

2 Tbs vinegar

1/2 onion chopped

1 handful ea. Parsley and cilantro

Salt to taste



Boil the mushrooms for 2 minutes.

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Drain and slice once cool enough to handle.

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Chop your cilantro and parsley (here I used flat leaf parsley).  Both Cilantro and Parsley came from my garden, store bought is good too!  I used roughly a half cup of olive oil though bacon fat/chicken fat/duck fat/beef lard etc. would work as well.

Sauté the onion, then the greens.

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Add the mushrooms with salt to taste.  Finally drizzle in your vinegar.

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