Christmas Musing

So this month has been working on recipes for the upcoming Kingdom A&S competition.  Yeah…well I have part of the recipes down but this year’s project isn’t going to happen in February.  The reason, I over extended my hand at cooking.  I found that turkey (yes a New World food) is in fact period.  These delectable birds were brought from the New Wold to grace the tables of the very rich.  Why the rich?  They were the only ones who could afford this new tasty juicy not highly gamey bird.  This bird was so good that Henry the VIII had a Christmas pie made from it called the Tudor Christmas Pie.  Basically it was a turducken in a LARGE pastry coffin with rabbit and quail around it.  I tried my hand at making this.  Unless you have a large kitchen with lots of sou chefs to prep the birds, the rabbit(s) and the pastry as well as the different types of stuffing, it’s a 3 day project.  I tried to do everything in one day.  The meat was tasty and wonderful (but not show case worthy on it’s own).  I will post pictures later but all I have to say is my hand is just NOW recovering from deboning all those damn birds!


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