Coffee Part 2

I love my coffee.  Over the years, I have developed a fondness for differently prepared types of coffee.  I would never have thought that different preparations could yield widely different tasting coffees.  Yep, I’ve done the same type of bean in two different brewing methods and come up with a different taste. I mean I really liked the regular drip coffee you can make or by buy, then I really got into the whole espresso machine made Americano Coffee.  Then, then I discovered a french press.  This was the best way I have found to make coffee.  (Note this is my opinion…and nothing but my opinion).

When using the french press I do like using regular beans, unflavored.  For some reason the flavor just comes out oddly in a french press then it does in either a drip or from and espresso machine.  The french press, is not period, having been invented some time in the 1800’s.  However the mechanism for making coffee in a french press are closer to boiling coffee grounds, but instead of waiting for the water to cool, grounds to sink, then reheat your coffee for drinking;  all you have to do is press down on a screen and viola! you have your favorite beverage hot, ground free and ready for adding that little bit of sugar and a hint (or a cup) of cream.

So I am going to do a demonstration of as close to period as I can with what I have on hand.

So the pictures I do have are of the coffee grounds having been added and water.  I usually let this steep for about 3-5 minutes depending on how strong a flavor I want.  If I am feeling really really decadent I add a Tbs of coco powder for just a hint of chocolate.  (My coffee!  Don’t judge me! hehehehe)

Now I like this lid as the filters are 3 part.  One for the main area, where the coffee comes through.  There is extra on the sides where grounds like to try and make a run for it into the main body of the coffee and finally at the actual pour spout there is another filter to help keep the grounds in their place and out of my mug!

Here you can see the press at the bottom of the glass, while the wonderful elixir known as coffee is waiting to be poured.

Here is the final image with coffee and cookies ready for consuming!  Yes these are the shortbread cookies that are really really excellent for noshing on when consuming a strong drink like coffee.  Enjoy!


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