Daryoles (Marrow and Fruit Pies)

Being on a bit of a weird kick, I made a fruit pie with marrow.  The cooking sometimes looks…odd, but this is another trust me recipes.  It is very good!  Not a normal day treat but something to try out some day.

Daryoles Marrow and Fruit Pies

interior of pie

Daryoles. Take wine & fresh broth, cloves, maces & marrow, & powder of ginger, & saffron, & let boil together, & put thereto cream,…& yolks of eggs, & mix them together, & pour the liquor that the marrow was seethed in thereto; then make fair coffins of fair paste, & put the marrow therein, & mince dates, & strawberries in time of year, & put the coffins in the oven, & let them harden a little; then take them out& put the liquor thereto, & let them bake, & serve. (Renfrow, Vol. 2, pp. 551)


1/2 C wine

1/2 C broth

1/2 tsp ea ground cloves, mace, and ginger

pinch saffron

Marrow (from one batch of bones…roughly 1/2 to 2/3 C.)

1/2 C Marrow fat broth (you’ll understand when you cook the marrow)

1/2 C Cream

2 egg yolks

2/3 C de-stoned ground dates

2/3 C de-stoned ground apricots



I gathered the ingredients together, having done a rough chop on the dates and apricots.  Yes the recipes calls for strawberries, I had to improvise as strawberries were out of season.

Spices and ingredients

Then I put broth into a pot with wine.

wine with brothThe broth was made from the previous marrow dish in which the chicken was par-boiled in wine and water.  I saved a little of the broth from the last dish for this one.  It helps to be a little prepared.

Next the spices are added to the broth.

cloves mace ginger safron in broth

Next comes the marrow.

marrow to spiced brothThen boil it a little and add add cream.

everything stirred looking grossThen add eggs, stirring well.

egg yolk to marrow brothAt this point it looks…weird and not tasty.  So what do we do?  We add well ground up dates and apricots.

minced dates with brothMix this up well.  Very very well.  If the filling is a little to soupy, let the mixture cook down a little.  Once the mixture is creamy but not soupy, pour into your bottom crust.

everything in the crustAdd the lid.

top crust onDon’t forget to add slits to let the escaping steam out and not deform the crust top.

New pics 121119a 086I’m afraid I don’t have the perfect slice of the fruit marrow pie.  Just an inside look with a very crumbly crust.

interior of pieThe pie was tasty though not my favorite.  The pie was more savory then sweet, when I expected sweeter then savory.  The flavors were magnificent though.  Don’t pass this up because there is no sugar, try this for a new taste!



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