De Nola: Spanish Cuisine

At Gulfwars XXV, I found a few small pamphlets of cooking recipes I liked.  The ones I had the most interest in were not as well documented as a one I had only a passing interest in but new a few people who would want more.  I started looking at the sources for the recipes going “I’ve got that one, and that one…Oh!  I don’t have this one!  I need to find it.”  Yeah.  De Nola’s book has one found translation and it’s only on line (That I can find).

The recipes are interesting including the use of cat fat as a way to reduce asthma…  I don’t ask I just find.  Nope, not going to make this recipe…just no.  The more useful find is that this book is the first and only book I have found that actually lists orange water.  I have not found any other listings in period cookbooks with this.  So this is a pretty big thing for period cooking!

Here is the link for those interested.


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