Mark Grant Roman Cookery Book #2

I am a big fan of good Roman cookbooks (or any good period cookbook) however Mark Grant is abusing that level of interest in a big way with his books.

Don’t get me wrong, Mark Grant’s cookbook Roman Cookery should be in any person’s repertoire for good Roman cooking but not both books.

Book #1

Mark Grant 1st book This is a good book.  Do NOT use his redactions.  He uses American cheese(s) instead of feta and sort of vaguely suggests other period food sources.  Buy the book for the recipes and the research NOT for his redactions.


Book#2Mark Grabt 2nd book

Looks different.  Possibly MORE new recipes…must buy.  Right?  Wrong!!  This book is recycled information as the first book.  There is nothing new.  I was very sad to find this out the hard way after buying book #2 and really salivating over the prospect of new recipes from cooks other than Apicus.  I was severely disappointed.


Buy one or the other but not both.


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