Rack of Ribs of a Domestic Pig #1

So I did a bit of research on pig.  Pig is a tasty tasty animal, with a few very bad traits.  Yeah…but it’s still damn tasty.  Some of the recipes I did were amazing, some…not so much.  This is one of those recipes you just gotta try!!

Rack of ribs of a domestic pig #1

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If the pig is young, the ribs can be spit-roasted with or without their skin….You can also set the ribs to steep for a day in a seasoning composed of vinegar, must syrup, cloves of garlic and coriander.  (Scappi, pp. 185)


Pork Ribs

1 C. Vinegar

1 C. Sweet wine (or the dregs from the bottom of a sweet wine barrel)

8 cloves of garlic

2-3 tsp ground coriander



So here  I wanted to do something a little bit different.  I bought pork ribs but couldn’t find any with a good layer of fat or skin, so I wanted to take the trimmings from another dish where the skin wasn’t needed yet still had a good bit of a fat layer and tie it on over the ribs soaking overnight in the brine.  What actually happened?  I ran out of time so had to do the ribs without the fat/skin layer.

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I gathered everything up, made the brine and let the ribs soak overnight.

Pork pictures 160818 025

The next day, I laid the ribs on a nice hot grill (no spit being available) using wood charcoal.

Pork pictures 160818 052

Oh mai!  These are some of the best ribs I’ve eaten in a long time…and Ansteorra has some damn good rib joints, so that’s saying something!


Pork pictures 160818 059

Give this one a try next time you fine the ribs of your dreams calling out to you.


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