Sauoge Pigs Feet

Doing a lot of pig recipes…have to throw this one out, because it is period.



Pigs Feet

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Sage.  Take pig’s feet clean picked; then take fresh broth of beef, & draw small milk of almonds, & pigs therein; then mince sage; then grind him small, & draw out the juice through a strainer; then take cloves enough, & put therein powdered ginger, & cinnamon, galingale, vinegar, & sugar enough; salt it then, & serve forth. (Renfrow, pp. 509)



4 pigs feet, cleaned    1C. beef broth     1 C. almond milk, freshly squeezed

1 tsp minced sage     3 cloves or 1/4 tsp ground cloves     1 tsp ground ginger, cinnamon and galingale

1/3 C. vinegar     2 tsp sugar     Salt to taste



Gathering all the ingredients.  They look so nice!

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I took cleaned and split pigs feet and put these in a bath with the broth and almond milk.

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I let these boil for a bit before adding the spices, vinegar and sugar.


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I let these cook for a loooong time.  Very long time.  Roughly 4 hours.


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Pigs feet are very cartilaginous.  There isn’t a lot of meat and what is there is tough as old shoe leather, so the long cook time is for your benefit.

Once the pigs feet were tender enough to remove the flesh from the bones, I gleaned as much from the feet as possible.


Pork pictures 160818 075My honest opinion, I wouldn’t eat these again unless I’m starving.  I love smoked ham hocks in bean soup but the spicy sweet pigs feet is more than my Medieval Cook’s stomach can stand.


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