Tannuriyya (Lamb Stew)


  Lamb Stew

So I was curious to do a little of the unusual with different meat types.  I choose lamb neck.  I usually use leg of lamb when cooking but for once I wanted to try the meat from a different portion of the lamb.  Some thing that a slightly lower class of cook would have to use to make this dish.    I was not disappointed!


Take lamb or veal and cut it up medium.  Then stew it with coriander, cumin, salt, milled thyme, whole Chinese cinnamon and peeled chickpeas, and throw one and a half times as much water on it.  Then boil it and throw away its froth.  Throw pounded walnuts made into paste on it and put it in the tannur until done, and take it up.  It comes out excellently.


3 lbs Lamb meat                   ¼ C dry corriander            1 tsp ea. cumin, salt, thyme

1 whole cinnamon stick     2 C dry chickpeas                1.5 C pounded walnuts


Take the twoe cup of chickpeas and boil in 5 cups of water w/salt till cooked.

This is one cup for display.

When boiling the dry chickpeas, check every 30 minutes to make sure the water doesn’t drop so much that the beans are scorched.  Taste after 2.5 hours of boiling for a soft texture that isn’t to crunchy.

Set out your spices.

Fresh coriander was not to be had so dry it is.

In a pot, put in the 3 lbs of lamb.

Here I am using lamb neck meat.  I wanted to try a different cut of meat then the usual leg of lamb chunks..  Lamb neck is a little fattier and includes the neck bones for richer stock.  Leg of lamb is perfectly ok to use!  This will feed about 4-6 people as the meat will shrink.

Add roughly 6 cups of water or enough water to cover the meat by an 1.5 inches.

Once the meat and water have been combined add in the spices,

then the chickpeas.

Give everything a stir or two to mix the spices and meat.  A getting to know you swirl if you will!  Again keep an eye on the water level.

Simmer everything together until the meat is thoroughly cooked and tender.  This takes roughly 1.5-2 hours.

Combine the ground walnuts with the reduced stew.

Here there was an issue with the grinding.  A paste was unable to be achieved so I had to do with ground walnuts.

The consistency is not quite right though the taste is still very very good.

This is a very rich dish.  The meat is tender and succulent while the garbanzos add a nice crunch.  The walnuts add a really nice creamy thickness to the dish.  Give this a try any time you have lamb on hand!



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