To the King’s Taste by Lorna Sass

To the King’s Taste


So this book was gifted to me over Yule.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised only because the woman who gifted me with the book no longer plays in the SCA but as far as I knew had no interest when she was in the SCA for medieval cooking.  I didn’t even know she had the book in her library.  I guess stranger things happen.

So the book is actually a thin cookbook with a bit of history and Lorna Sass own take on the recipes.  There is an original recipe, a translation and then her redactions.  I like the first two portions; however I always prefer to do my own redactions.  If mine are truly horrible…then I might go back and go “Hmm…maybe this would be a better idea instead.”

An A for historic information included and an A for the recipes included.  There aren’t many (less than 50) but the ones included are tasty and/or informative.  I suggest this book for those who adore English Cookery.



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