Tomatoes in Period (Love Apples)

This recipe sort of took me by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting tomatoes to be in period.  I had bought into the history myth that tomatoes weren’t actually eaten until the late 1880’s. Sooooo not correct.  The research was fun doing this.  The recipe very tasty!

Tomatoes in Period:


Likewise they doe eate the Apples with oile, vinegre and pepper mixed together for sauce to their meat, even as we in these cold countries doe Mustard. (Gerard’s Herbal, pp. 81).


3 C Cherry tomatoes

Olive oil


1 tsp Fresh ground pepper



This was a really easy recipe.  I gathered up all the ingredients.

tomatos and spices


Quarter the cherry tomatoes into a bowl.

sliced cherry tomatoes with viniger

Here I am adding the vinegar.  Next grind up the pepper corns.

 Ground pepper

Add the pepper then the olive oil.

add Olive oil

Mix together.

At the time I made this, I did not make any steak or chicken to put this on.  Instead I took one bite of this and ate the entire bowl as a wonderful tomato salad.  I have not tasted better.  Simple, elegant and so good!



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