Ujaj Mudawwarat (Another Omelet)

So this one…is just a bit outside of my taste range.  I’m sure it was an excellent and enjoyable treat.  This dish is NOT your typical omelet.  More like a savory sweet for the cook to show off their skill.  Posting this as a “Hmmm…how creative/showing off do I really want to do here.”

Ujaj Mudawwarat

(Another Omelet)

June 2015 077


Take some eggs and spate the whites from the yolks. Add a little honey to the whites, beat them together, and add to them chopped rue, tarragon, mint and basil. Beat this mixture well, put it in a pot and light a fire underneath it until it sets and thickens. Sprinkle it with ta little cumin cassia, murrie and olive oil. Turn the egg white disc onto a platter and spread it on the egg yolk you have separated, sweetened with sugar and cooked until thickened and set. (al-Warraq’s, pp. 329)


3 eggs (Separate the whites from the yolk)

1 tsp honey

1/8 tsp ground tarragon, mint and basil

1/2 tsp sugar


Cumin, cinnamon, fish sauce, and olive oil



Separate your eggs, the whites from the yolks.

June 2015 066


Mix the whites with the honey.


June 2015 067

Pour the mixture into a lightly greased pan.

June 2015 074


Once out of the pan sprinkle with cumin, cinnamon, fish sauce and olive oil (a few drops not too much). Put the finished whites on a plate.


Next take the yolk add the sugar and cook.

June 2015 076

Add the yolks on top of the whites for a crowned omelet.


June 2015 077I know this is a bit of a messy picture.  The omelet cooking in two parts was a bit of a messy project.  Try this once just to say you have.  This is a good learning experience with out taking to much time or to many costly ingredients.


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