Dyuerse Bake Metis (Pike Pie)

I was on the look out for a fish pie.  I wanted a tasty tasty fish taco in medieval pie form.  I didn’t find that…well at least not  yet!  What I found was a pie with protein, lots of protein that was probably an excellent go to dish for feeding the hungry masses cheaply.  I…I can not recommend this dish unless you really are in need of a lent dish that wont actually be eaten.   I promise to add a better fish dish soon!

Dyuerse Bake Metis

(Pike Pie)

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Another manner of preparing Darioles. Take pike, almond milk, & boil it thick, & let it cool: then take eggs & cheese & grind together, & put thereto; take powdered sugar & cast thereto, & put in thine coffins, & not covered & bake & serve forth. (Renfrow, pp. 386)


1.5 lbs. fish (pike preferably)

4 eggs

1 C cheese (farmers or cream cheese)

1 tbs. sugar



So the first thing is I didn’t have pike, but I did have Atlantic cod. I think the cod was too mild for the dish to be honest.  I made the almond milk by taking ground almonds and mixing them with water. This went into the pan, than the fish. The fish was cooked in about 7-10 minutes. Turn off the pan at this point and let it cool.

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While the fish is cooking, mix the eggs and cheese together. I would suggest a cream cheese or farmer’s cheese, possibly even brie. I had feta on hand.


150322 044

(Yes, I threw stuff I had at the recipe to see what would happen.)

150322 045

After the egg and cheese mixture was thoroughly creamed, or at least mostly lump free, make a crust and line a baking dish.


150322 049

I oiled the dish a little first then added the lard crust. I added the fish, drained, then the egg mixture on top. I sprinkled a bit of sugar on top.

150322 053

I think this is an excellent Lent dish, but not one I would serve at a party as being to…bland. This does not go on my list of eating more than once, which is very sad. This dish I am going to chalk up to more of a medieval taste than one for the modern palate, lots of protein and edible just not very flavorful.




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