Piscium in Coriandri Crustarum (Fish in Coriander Crust)

As promised a MUCH better fish dish.  Yes I am on a fish kick, thank you for noticing.  Unfortunately modern day dishes seem to concentrate on meat, lots and lots of red meat to be specific or cheap chicken meat.  Period food was a bit of everything and a lot of modern day “Period” cooks forget to add fish dishes.  So here is a Roman fish dish.  Really liking these Roman fishes.

Piscium in Coriandri Crustarum

(Fish in Coriander Crust)


Prepare the fish carefully, put in a mortar salt and corander see, crush finely, roll the fish in it, put in a backing dish, cover, seal, bake in the bread oven. When cooked remove, season with very sharp vinegar and serve. (Ap 10, 1.4/Dalby & Grainger pp. 65


1lb fish (I used Atlantic Cod)

2 Tbs coriander

1 Tbs salt (Sea salt is very good here)

Balsamic vinegar


Gather up your ingredients.  Three of them to start.

150322 037

This is a very simple and fantastic fish dish. The fish was already skinned and deboned. I personally would prefer the skin but that’s how it came.

Take the coriander and the salt mixe them together and pour onto a flat plat. Use a sea salt. Do NOT use iodized salt. The iodized salt has a flat metallic taste that will take away from the fish (and most any dish). Dredge the fish in the mix on both sides. Very easy

150322 038

Place the fish in a baking dish.

150322 040

I used a bit of olive oil on the bottom of the dish to help with the removal of the cooked fished once finished, even though the recipe didn’t say. I think this is just a basic step every cook should know or do (my opinion here). Place in over till done 15-20 minutes and serve.


150322 052 My serving skills from pan to plate were not up to the task on this, so there are pieces instead of one smooth savory fish fillet.  Do not let that fool you!  This dish is the fish dish if you like coriander and salt.  Personally, I am tempted to add avocado slices on the side just for the creamy compliment the flavor would add.  Enjoy!


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