Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens Review

The latest addition to my library was bought for a very specific recipe.  I didn’t actually use the recipe I bought the book for; however I found many many more (including period ME Sausage recipes which are rarer then hens teeth to find!) that I am very excited to try out.



Overall the book is divided into many chapters with each chapter a certain type of recipe i.e. sausages and nothing but sausages.  The usual rule for period recipes holds true still.  The recipes have few if any regular measurements or cooking instructions, you’re just suppose to know how it works.

This book is a definite must have.  A for great recipes A- for cooking instructions.  So yes, if you have the chance to get this book, do!


I bought mine from the evil empire called Amazon.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen any “inexpensive” copies on any site listed so far.  This one will set you back a fair bit of gold!



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