Ujja Bayda (White Omelet)

In the tradition of spring and summer, when the hens are laying at their peak, out come the egg dishes…because damned if I don’t have eggs coming out of my ears!  So here is the first in several egg ideas!

Ujja Bayda (White Omelet)

June 2015 065


Thoroughly wash a frying pan and pour into it 2 TBS sweet and mellow olive oil. Now take 10 eggs break them in a green glazed bowl and pour into them 1/3 cup milk. Add a handful of ground pistachio, almond and walnut, all ground. Beat the mixture very well and pour it into the frying pan.

When the bottom side is done, flip it to the the other side. Then take it away from the fire. It will taste like busr, remarkably excellent and delicious.

(al-Warraq’s, pp. 326)


10 raw eggs

1/3 C. Milk (or 1/2 & 1/2)

1/4 C. ea ground pistachio, walnuts, and almonds

2 Tbs Olive oil


nut meal with whipped egg

Grind your nuts to a nice flour but not nut butter. Then crack your eggs into a bowl and whisk. A green bowl is optional but does look lovely.

June 2015 053

Mix the nuts into the whisked eggs.

June 2015 058

Pour oil into the egg mixture.

June 2015 056

Allow to cook then flip (or attempt to flip).

June 2015 060

My flipping is not on par with a good chef but we try! Place flipped omelet onto plate.

June 2015 065

I think this is a pretty good dish, but not as an “omelet” as we know it. This is almost like a blintz. Just needs a little sweet marzipan and an apricot jam to be the perfect brunch dessert!



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