Ova Elixas: Roman Deviled Eggs

My house is redolent of spice, honey and decanted mead.  Had to do a couple of new Persian mead batches which meant emptying the full carboys to bottles to make room for the new.  What does this have to do with eggs you ask?  Not a thing but if you’re going to have deviled eggs you might as well have some excellent mead to go with them.

June 2015 052

Ova Elixas: Boiled Egg or Roman Deviled Eggs.


Boil 5 eggs for 5 minutes. Crush 1 clove of garlic with some pepper and 5 anchovies. Add the egg yolks and pound smooth. Add a little olive oil and a little wine and stir well. Pile the mixture into the white egg whites.

Faas, pp. 315)


5 eggs (boiled, peeled and cut in half eggs removed)

1 clove Garlic

1/2 tsp pepper

5 anchovies

Olive oil




Gather up all your ingredients.  Do NOT add more garlic.  You’re going to be tempted.  Just don’t.  One clove is more than sufficient to flavor these 5 yolks.  Trust me.  You will still be able to scare off vampires with just this one clove and the anchovies.

June 2015 046

Boil 5 eggs. Peel the shell off, cut in half and remove the yolk to a separate container.

June 2015 047 Place the empty half egg whites on a plate.

Mash the yolk, pepper, anchovies with a little olive oil and wine together to form a paste.  Roughly about a tsp each of the wine and olive oil.  Just enough to stick everything together.

June 2015 050 Take a teaspoon and refill the empty egg whites.

June 2015 052 This is pretty good.  A bit garlicky and a bit fishy with a great blend of the flavors.  Not sure I would eat this everyday but this dish will shake up any party or feast.


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