Lese Fryes (Eggs with Cheese)

So I have a bit of down time and at least one more egg dish to go.  I saved this one for last as it is THE best egg/cheese pastry dish yet.  I have yet to encounter anything better.  Forget mini quiches for parties…take the extra time and make these instead.  You’re guests will never leave.  Err…never mind that may not be a good thing.

Lese Fryes (Eggs with cheese)

Egg Pastry


Take soft cheese, and pare it clean, and grind it in a mortar small, and draw yolks and white of eggs through a strainer, and cast thereto, and grind them together then cast thereto sugar, butter and salt, put all together in a coffin of fair paste, and let bake enough, and then serve it forth. (Renfrow, pp. 46)


1 wedge Brie cut into pieces

3 eggs beaten

1 tsp sugar

1 stick of butter cut into pieces

1 tsp of salt


Butter Crust



I gathered all the ingredients together,

June 2015 037

cutting the brie (including the rind) into chunks. Next I cracked three eggs into a bowl beating them well. (They screamed a lot!). Next I added sugar, butter and a bit of salt to the eggs.

June 2015 039

I cut rounds from the pastry, placing them into a really cool copper/tin dish. The dough was pressed down to form small hand held pastry shells.

June 2015 041

Pieces of cheese were put into each shell until all the pastry was filled. I poured the egg mixture over the cheese and cooked till the egg mixture was firm and the crust golden.

June 2015 043This is the finished tartlet.  OMG…fingers were almost lost as we tasted these for cooking guild.

Egg Pastry


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