Midieval Middle Eastern Books

Here are the books that are a must for your Medieval Middle Eastern collection of cookbooks.

Medieval Arab Cookery by Rodinson, Arberry & Perry.  This book will be your bible for research and recipes.  The recipes are translation.  There are few measurements.  Yet the information is incredible.  This is THE mainstay for historic Middle Eastern recipes.

Medieval Cuisine of the Islamic World by Zaouali. This book has translations with few measurements as well.  At the end of the book are recipes given for by the author of their rendition for some of the period recipes.  I didn’t agree with some of the given recipes as they seem to be only loosely based on the period translation.  I like the original historic part and have used the given recipes as a secondary source for reverse redactions.  This also has great historical references and research.

A Baghdad Cookery Book by Perry.  This book is Perry’s idea of going back to the recipes he redacted for A Medieval Arab Cookery and updating/correcting a few of the translation.  Minimal history and some duplication from Medieval Arab Cookery.  Useful.


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