Savory Crusts

This is by no means the only three crusts to use in pies, these are more like the very basic.  Feel free to play around or add to.  The butter crust is my favorite, not only for the taste but for the ease in which it is made.  Love it!

Savory Crusts:

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The butter crust recipe was given to me at a class many Gulf Wars ago. Teacher’s name is Magistra Rosemounde of Mercia. She did the original recipe from Scappi. This is just a basic butter crust that will make 2 crust pastries.

This is my fall back pastry crust when I want a really rich wonderful crust to go with sweet (or savory). For some reason I just find this crust a lot easier even though the ingredient measurements are basically the same for all.

A quick note, the butter crust can be used in Middle Eastern cuisine but the pork lard can not.  If you want a lard crust for Middle Eastern cooking use rendered beef or sheep fat.


2C Flour

1 1/3 stick of butter

1/4 C. chilled water

1/2 tsp salt


For English pies I have found The English Housewife to be of immense help for crusts. Recipes 108 and 109 describe the various types of meats pies that require sturdy crusts or puff pastries. If you don’t have this book…I would suggest getting it soon.


1 1/2 C. Flour

1/2 C. pork fat

1/4 C. water

1/2 tsp salt


This is from Rodinson for the Middle Eastern oil crusts. Again a very basic oil crust with saffron and thyme mixed in the flour.   This is great for all savory pies where the crust is going to be eaten. There are a ton of pastries for sweets.

Oil Crust:

2 C. Flour

1/2 C. Olive Oil

1/4 C. Water

1 tsp salt

Spices (saffron and thyme)


Using the butter crust as my main example, I gather all the ingredients together.

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Next I melt the butter to add to the flour and salt.

150322 009You don’t have to melt the butter.  If you want to work room temperature butter into the flour to form a crumb, go for it!  I just find melting the butter just as easy as working the butter in.

Next add the chilled water.  You wont use all of it.  The water helps bring everything together for the dough stage.

150322 010Once the ball has formed,

150322 012flour the rolling surface,

150322 013and dust both sides of the ball before rolling.

150322 046From here just roll the crust(s) out and go to town with the making of pies!

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