Masir al-Dawwara (A Stuffed Sausage)

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So when I started this project, I thought the worst thing was going to be to grind the fat. I was sooo wrong. That was actually one of the easiest. The second worst thing about making sausages is cleaning the equipment. Everything is stuck with ground meat that wants to cling…like an ex you just want to get rid of 2 weeks ago. The absolutely worst part? Getting the meat to get into the casing. It’s like stuffing an extra-large man into an extra small condom. It’s a real bitch and no one’s happy. The meat is yummy the sausages look horrible but are tasty. Not a complete loss but I’ll be taking my time doing this again.

Masir al-Dawwara (A Stuffed Sausage)

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Finely chop red meat (lean) and chop as much alya (sheep’s tail fat). Finely chop fresh herbs, onion, and rue. (add to the meat) then pound the meat mixture with a knife until it has the consistency of ointment. Add cassia, black pepper, caraway, ma kamakh (liquid fermented sauce), a little vinegar, and olive oil. Kneed the mixture very well and stuff it into a large intestine with the fat adhering to it. Also stuff with some small intestines. Cook them with whatever dish you prefer, God willing. (al-Warraq, pp. 187)

2 lbs. ground meat
1 lb. beef fat
1 tsp. ea. Ground cassia, black pepper, caraway
2 tbs. vinegar
1 tbs. fish sauce
1/4 C olive oil.
1 onion (chopped)
Warning now…this gets messy.  Really  messy!  Grind up the fat and combine with the meat.

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Chop your onion and add this to the meat. Do NOT add rue. Some people have a reaction to rue that most have to poison ivy. Baaaad juju! No rue!


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Next add your spices and liquid ingredients.


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Combine well. Set up your intestine and stuff.

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Here I use lamb intestine (not pork for obvious reasons).

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Start your stuffing and telling dirty jokes!  This part really doesn’t have any good pictures just less dirty innuendo pictures.

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This recipe seems to think the sausage can be served in a dish or as a side dish. Cook whichever way is good and serve.

Currant 013These were eaten as is.  I am going to suggest (as usual) playing with the recipe.  I found these a little dry so would probably add more fat and/or liquid but not more fish sauce.   Perhaps a good red wine but definitly more fat!

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